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Therefore let it be known to you, brethren, that through this Man (Jesus) is preached to you the forgiveness of sins; and by Him everyone who believes is justified from all things from which you could not be justified by the law of Moses.” – Acts 13:38,39


Companies and corporations spend billions of dollars advertising on television, the radio, the web, or on social media.   They look to get the attention of the masses in order to sell their product or service. All that is fine. It’s the capitalist way – right? However, take a step back and observe how they advertise. For example, in commercials they present a scenario so as to present a need. It is the advertiser’s job to make sure that the customer will have an “I gotta have it” moment.   When that occurs the customer has been persuaded into thinking that they have a great need. All the while they may have lived without that product, as a need, up until they saw the commercial.

That leads us to this question. What is mankind’s greatest need?

I suppose there would be a lot of suggestions such as peace, happiness, joy, or fulfillment. By no means would I disagree, but what sticks out to me is that these suggestions are only by-products of mankind’s greatest need.

Not knowing mankind’s greatest need is the reason for all the different addictions that our society is so entrenched in. Peace, happiness, fulfillment, and acceptance are sought after through drugs, alcohol, gambling, money, and a host of other addictions.   Yet, men and women sadly continue to search out ways of filling that true need in their lives by abusive substances or regretful relationships.

We all could debate about our greatest need, but the bible makes it clear that mankind’s greatest need is the forgiveness of sins. Once a person has their sins forgiven the burdens of life are removed. In fact one could make an argument that peace, happiness, joy, and fulfillment are actually benefits that come from having all our sins forgiven.

Having one’s sins forgiven means to escape the wrath of God, as a result one has peace with God, one rests in God, one’s joy is in God, and so fulfillment in God naturally follows.

When we try to obtain the benefits of forgiveness without first seeking forgiveness from God it is like trying to walk through a closed door without turning the doorknob. Obviously one must turn the doorknob to enter into the next room. So it is with forgiveness. One must turn to Christ by faith for the forgiveness of sins so that they can enter into peace, happiness, joy, rest, and fulfillment. Therefore forgiveness of sins transcends all other needs.

The forgiveness of sins through the blood sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross is for everyone who believes. This is the message of the New Covenant. This is mankind’s greatest need!

(Published in the Marshall County Tribune)

David C. Hale, pastor

New Life Community Church

1001 Easy Street

Lewisburg, TN 37091

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