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Have you ever asked the question “why” and were never given a reasonable answer?  The truth is, that our questions have reasonable answers found in God’s word the Holy Bible.  Reasons 4 Believing (R4B) does not claim to have found all the detailed answers, but we do claim to have a good and reasonable conscience about “why we believe what we believe” regarding the Christian faith and the world around us!   Reasons 4 Believing (R4B) is a Christ centered evangelistic ministry proclaiming the truth of God’s Word from Genesis to Revelation.  R4B starts with creation and ends at the person of Christ.  From “Creation-to-Christ” our gospel presentations demonstrate the perfect harmony of the Biblical record with factual science and history, all the while exposing the fallacies and deceptions of evolution and New Age thinking that has crept into the Christian community.

Have you ever considered why are there so many “decisions” and “departures” in our churches all across our nation?  Many professing Christians are confused and uncertain when it comes to “why they believe what they believe.”  One main reason is that they are caught in a spiritual tug-of-war with evolutionary scientists and New Age skeptics, whether they be in the universities or in the work place.  All the while, the average church leaders are telling the Christians to simply ignore them while not giving biblical reasons why these skeptics are wrong and why God’s word is correct.  Blindly ignoring these attacks on the Christian faith has created a vacuum in which much of the Church has become vulnerable.  It has become obvious that across the social spectrum, from political correctness, to New Age music, and even down to cartoons and cereal boxes that both the older, as well as the younger Christian generations have been indoctrinated with an evolutionary and New Age philosophy without even realizing it.  This has slowly happened simply because the churches across our country have ignored this “social accepted” attack by the enemies of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We believe that it is not just important to become informed regarding these topics, but we need to be “URGENT” about renewing a strong confidence in the Word of God.  Our world, our schools, our society, and yes our churches need the truth of God’s Word more than ever!  We are seeing the devastating results of wrong thinking, division, and hatred that evolution and New Age philosophy has produced.

Our passion at Reasons 4 Believing is to see a return in the Christian community to its rightful God-glorifying position, and to see the body of Christ supporting Scripture, answering questions, satisfying doubts, showing mercy, and removing the “evolutionary obstacle course” that has been placed in the way for “whosoever will come” to Christ.


  1. GLORIFY AND HONOR GOD’S WORD (the Holy Bible)

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At this time David is presently ministering as pastor of New Life Community Church located in Lewisburg, TN.                                                                                                                                                                       Visit the New Life CC page and the Media page for more information.

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                                                                                                                                                 A Reasons 4 Believing and New Life Community Church website

                                                                                                                                                                 Email: reasons4believing@gmail.com

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