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“He who says he abides in Him (God) ought himself also to walk just as He (Jesus) walked.” – 1 John 2:6


Little Ricky was in about the third grade when he started to walk home from school. After a few weeks his mother noticed that each day it took him longer and longer to arrive home. This concerned her so she said something to Ricky’s father.

Ricky’s father asked him, “Why is it taking you so long to come home from school?” Little Ricky replied, “Oh, I’m just piddlin’!”   “You’re just pidllin?” his father asked. “Yeah, I’m just piddlin’.”

The next night Ricky’s father woke him up and said, “Get your clothes on.” “But daddy, it’s the middle of the night.” Ricky replied.   “I know – get your clothes on,” said his father.

Next Ricky’s father told him, “Since you like to piddle, go outside and walk up and down the sidewalk – and piddle!” Little Ricky, walked up and down the sidewalk as his father watched from the window. Shortly, Ricky came up to the door and asked if he could come in. His father replied, “No, you’re not done piddlin’.” Needless to say little Ricky walked straight home from school then on.

How often does God our heavenly Father catch His children piddlin’ around in this life?   So many times we have God upon our lips, but our hearts often drift away with the desire for more money, a higher position, or greater prestige and we miss thanking God for what we already have.   Other times we get caught up piddlin around in religion. We go through the motions of religious rites and church activities, and miss worshipping God with a heart of love and thankfulness for the life here and the eternal life to come.

When we piddle around we are far from home, far from the Father’s love, far from the Father’s provision and protection. Therefore, in love, the Father gets our attention. Even though He is close by watching us, He may give us a little time to piddle in this world so that we may see the emptiness and vanity of it all.

Seeing that our earthly fathers corrected us, we had some kind of respect for them although the discipline was unpleasant. Nevertheless, in the end it formed our character and it demonstrated care and concern. The writer of Hebrews in chapter 12 explains that we should all the more gladly submit to God’s training.   When our heavenly Father catches us piddlin’ around, with a loving and tender hand He corrects us so that we would immediately come straight home to Him.

How far have you piddled away from God’s presence? As our opening verse teaches us, we ought to walk as Jesus walked. Jesus walked in constant communion with the Father. His whole life was a deep love relationship with His Father – and so it should be with all of God’s children.

(Published in the Marshall County Tribune)

David C. Hale, pastor

New Life Community Church

1001 Easy Street

Lewisburg, TN 37091

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