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The “Star” and Stripes


The blueness of a wound cleanses away evil: so do stripes the inward parts of the belly.   – Proverbs 20:30

As we celebrate our nations freedom this Fourth of July words such as freedom, liberty, independence, and rights are used. Yet, we have a generation who believes that they automatically have natural liberties and no one can take them away. We have a generation who does not acknowledging the sacrifice of those who came before them to purchase their rights and freedom. We have a generation who are quick to remind others of their “rights” and knows nothing about self-sacrifice. What this generation does not understand is that there is no such thing as “free for nothing.” When it comes to our national and religious freedoms, someone – somewhere gave his or her life for our freedoms.

Our national freedom and religious liberty is displayed all across our nation by the flag. The American Flag represents the life giving sacrifice by many from all fifty states and from different generations. As the flag is raised high upon a pole the colors stand out majestically. The white stars, the blue background, along with the red stripes declare the freedom and liberty for a people.

The ole Stars and Stripes upon that flagpole would not be – were it not for another pole where freedom hung two thousand years ago. The “Star” that came out of Jacob (Numbers 24:17) hung upon a wooden pole with His arms stretched out. This “Star” had deep blue wounds upon His face from the Roman beatings. This “Star” had crimson red stripes across His back from the whips He received. This “Star” was pure in the sight of God, and had no personal sin.   The colors of this “Star,” rose high upon a wooden pole and stood out majestically declaring freedom and liberty from the oppression of sin and guilt.

In our verse we see that the “blueness” of a wound cleanses away evil and how “stripes” cleanses the inward parts of a person. The blue wounds and the crimson stripes could not cleanse the “Star” that came out of Jacob, simply because there was no evil, and nothing impure in Him.   Therefore the cleansing power of the blue wounds and the scarlet stripes were for those the “Star” represented.   It is for those who believe and receive this “Star” by faith!

As the ole Stars and Stripes are raised high upon a pole for all to see the freedom and liberty purchased by the self-sacrifice of others. So it is, that the wooden pole that hung Jesus Christ, the “Star,” was for all to see the purchase of freedom from sin by His self-sacrifice. The “Star” stretched out His arms upon that pole displaying His blue wounds and scarlet stripes for all who want freedom from sin and guilt.

May we never look at the American Flag the same again!

(Published in the Marshall County Tribune)

David C. Hale, pastor

New Life Community Church

1001 Easy Street

Lewisburg, TN 37091

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