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Summer Time?

Thou hast set all the borders of the earth: thou hast made summer and winter.  Psalm 74:17

Summer time is a period during the year where barbeques, bike rides, baseball games, lightning bugs, home made ice cream, watermelon, fishing poles, and swimming pools capture much of our time.

Summer time is a season during the year where we are surrounded by green grass, and abundant tree leaves. Naturally decorative flowers are in full bloom. Grazing cattle and prancing horses accompany the countryside. Row after row of big leafy corn stalks dominate the background. Neighboring fields are carpeted with red clover majestically reaching toward the sun, while hay bales rule over the rolling hills. Truly, the naturally quilted patchwork of the landscape is beautiful to behold.

Summer time! Have you ever wondered why we call summer – summer? Is it something that just evolved from society? If so, then why does the earth rotate around the sun? Why is the earth’s axis tilted approximately 23.5 degrees? Why does the earth spin at approximately 1000 miles per hour to produce the different seasons of the year?   Why is summer so hot but yet we are not burned up as some other planets? Even though we may have an oddity of cooler days during the summer or warmer day during the winter the proclivity or natural tendency is the season by which it is called.   Why is this? Did summer just develop accidentally by a random process of chance, or is there evidence of a Prime Mover in sovereign control?

Summer time has the apparent logical evidence of a Designer or Creator. The only one who would have this kind of power to design and create must be God. Man has a hard time forecasting the weather a day ahead with true accuracy so how could he control the seasons? Therefore it must be a power far beyond man. It must be God who is in control.

God our Creator has set all the borders and limitation of each season. God sovereignly conducts the climate change of each appointed season so that it naturally orchestrates the beauty and power of His glory by sustaining all His creatures. By His mighty hand one season cannot overtake another season until its appointed time. That is why it does not snow in the middle of August. Only God by His own power and will, could have sovereign dominion to control and sustain every season in its appointed time throughout all the earth.

So why is summer time called summer? Our answer is not in what we see, not in what we enjoy, not in what we experience, nor what society has adopted. Summer is called summer simply because the Sovereign God who made summer, called it summer. That is what our scripture says, “…thou has made summer…”

(Published in the Marshall County Tribune)

David C. Hale, pastor

New Life Community Church

1001 Easy Street

Lewisburg, TN

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