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Can a Christian believe in Evolution?

This question is often debated.  If evolution were defined simply as a change, or variation within a kind – (for example, the growth of a tadpole into a frog) – everyone would agree with evolution.  However, the theory of evolution is that all life forms come from the same origin and the basic principle of life is a continual development from simpler elements into living organisms (for example: mud, molecules, monkey, to man).  Therefore, evolution is actually a complete world-view (or philosophy) that explains the origin and the meaning of life without the necessity of a personal God who created and upholds all things.  For a professing Christian to hold on to the complete and whole framework of evolution means bringing their faith and their understanding of the word of God into serious doubt!  Christians may differ with another regarding the understanding of the Bible, but so do evolutionary scientists in the area of evolution.  Why is it that the authority of the Bible must come into question and not evolution?  Evolution is so widely taught and accepted as “fact,” Christians are often tempted to accept the compromised position of “theistic evolution.”  Theistic evolution, views God as using the method of evolution as the means of creation.  Is it possible for a Christian to believe in some aspects of evolution?  The answer is, yes!  The Bible teaches in Romans 10:13 that “whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved,” NOT “whosoever does not believe in evolution.”  Nevertheless, the real question is: SHOULD A CHRISTIAN BELIEVE IN EVOLUTION?  The answer is, NO! A Christian’s desire is to be taught of the Lord (Psalm 119:26-28; John 6:45).  This means that the Christian is to take God’s word by faith whether or not it agrees with his preconceived ideas and regardless of what the Christian has been taught in the past.  Let it be understood that no one has all the answers.  Every Christian may disagree on certain minor teachings in the Bible.  This has resulted into many different Christian denominations.  Even so, certain central or foundational teachings in the Scriptures are essential to the Christian faith.  To modify the creation account of the Bible weakens these essential teachings.  These essential teachings are the Holiness of God, the origin of sin, mans need for a Savior, the person of Jesus Christ, and the hope of the resurrection.  The Christian should be ready, at all times, to compare scripture with scripture (Isaiah 28:9-13), and to interpret the meaning of life according to the Holy Bible.  It is very dangerous to accept or attempt to harmonize any form of evolution with God’s infallible word. God is the God of order and purpose.  To believe that He used the means of “survival of the fittest,” which involves death, bloodshed, confusion and cruelty, is inconsistent with the other attributes of His character as presented in the Bible.  To accept the theory of evolution as a means of creation is to be inconsistent with the plain teaching of God’s Word (Genesis 1; Exodus 20:11; Psalm 33:6-9; Isaiah 45:18).

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